The Quarter Life Crisis

I'm sure you all have heard of the Mid-Life crisis. Well, I've sort of been having one since I was twelve years old. One day after venting to my brother about life, he told me I sounded like I was going through a Quarter-Life crisis. I couldn't have described it better if I were half as clever. This blog is nothing more than a kaleidescope into my life. As with many others, I'm on a long journey of self discovery and self actualization. And nothing excites me more than a good documented adventure! If you can't laugh with it, I hope you can at least laugh at it. Enjoy β™₯

"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." - Mr. E. B. White

Terrica Michelle Lewis

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#white #blazer #redlips #redpants I finally got the courage to wear this #Express white blazer with the shoulder pads still in it lol I decided to go semi casual with a white #Guess shirt and red #Addidas

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I'm 12 and on tumblr and I know I'm way smarter than you. Yahoo saved tumblr stupid
msterrica msterrica Said:

12? Can you even watch rated R movies. Shut up child.Β 

Tomorrow. (sigh) Wow.Β 

My head could explode right here.Β 

So I hear Yahoo bought Tumblr and is in the process of removing all sexual content so that this can be a family friendly site?

Way to ruin another good thing Yahoo. You fucking suck.Β 

I thought Tumblr might like that :)


@lyve brought me back here.. I’m not gonna type much though. Except June is going to be the most amazing month of my life. And I KNOW THIS MAN!!

Wow…It’s been a long time. I’m sorry.

Most beautiful song i’ve heard in a long time.Β 

Pride is everything. Including the downfall of a mankind.
Terrica America

Mr Marley (Taken with Instagram)

Still Rockin those BCGs from Bootcamp. (Taken with Instagram)

Put that on your summer read/ watch list. U might do well to smoke some flowers and open up your mid a little first. (Taken with Instagram)

Damn the power of this Universe is amazing. Oh BTW, did you know that your birth certificate is a million dollar loan?Β